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Pre-orders of videos presentations from the Synchronicity Symposium are now available. In partnership with the founder, Gary S. Bobroff we are offering: $15 for single presentations and $20 for panel talks.
To pre-order videos visit TAC Productions website.

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For the past two years our small team has been pouring our hearts into this transmedia project. The feature documentary film weaves a tapestry of inquiry and meditation; awakening us to how interdependently connected to each other we really are.

Synchronicity opens a portal through which we journey to discover life itself leading us back to the harmony we seek. We are empowered to reclaim our world to be in balance with all the rhythms of life, as a joyous dance; an interconnected play where each one of us becomes the conscious artist and mindful co-creator of our own reality. If we choose to, we can live a magical existence where we see time unfold as a collaborative masterpiece, a work of transformational art.

We Are All Explorers of Higher Dimensional Space

The following is excerpted from Active Consciousness: Awakening the Power Within, published by R.L.Ranch Press

At each moment of time — the Now — you stand at the gateway to an infinite number of possible futures in higher dimensional space. This gateway is the Choice Point.

Some of these futures are more likely to occur than others. If you do nothing, one of these probable futures will play itself out in a fairly predictable, even mechanistic way.

But as a conscious being, you also have the ability to affect how the future unfolds. Your experience of this ability is the sensation of free will.

One of the ways you can exert a force upon this unfolding is to use explicit action. Another way is through the subtle force of Active Consciousness, which allows you to enable unlikely unfoldings to occur.

According to the Columbia Encyclopedia, a field is a “region throughout which a force may be exerted.” Back in the 1800s, chemist and physicist Michael Faraday developed this concept in order to explain the mysterious properties of magnets. People at the time were perplexed by the way magnets could exert instantaneous forces upon metal objects when nothing seemed to be transmitted between them. Faraday hypothesized that magnets are always emanating an influence or force; we just can’t see it. And because a magnet’s sphere of influence—its magnetic field—is ever-present, it seems to exert a force instantaneously, without any form of physical contact or obvious mode of transmission.

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Time is Art film crew & the Synchronicity Symposium

The crew has returned from the amazing Synchronicity Symposium organized by author Gary S. Bobroff held at the Joshua Retreat Center! The land was magical and the mysterious Joshua Trees seemed to literally be talking to us (albeit through plant telepathy).

The Synchronicity Symposium was fascinating. It was a true meeting of the minds and hearts of authors and supporters of consciousness studies. We were also able to screen our 2014 trailer which helped spread the word about the film.  It was a joy to share the film and meet new people in support of this important project. People not only purchased t-shirts but offered to host a screening when the film is completed!

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Synchronicity: Matter & Psyche Symposium

Sept. 12-14, 2014 • JOSHUA TREE, CA

We are thrilled to be the official film crew at the Joshua Tree in California for the first annual Synchronicity Symposium – an “Embodied Ideas Festival” which, alongside visionary leaders in their field including biologist and author, Rupert Sheldrake, writer on ancient civilizations Graham Hancock, sound healer and Family Constellation therapist, Jill Purce and many more, we will be exploring the elegant symmetry between Psyche and Matter;  between our inner and outer lives.

At this time in history, we seem to be undergoing a collective passage into an era of conscious realization that psyche and matter are inseparable and that, far from being passive observers, we have a participatory relationship with the unfoldment of the world around us.  Now the work ahead is in learning how to move in concert with these rhythms, developing a mastery in weaving between the worlds to come into a greater personal and collective harmony. It’s an honor to be working with such a roster of brilliant outcasts who have made a life out of studying consciousness, sound, somatic and Jungian psychology, quantum physics, synchronicity, and of course DREAMING. Read more

SyncStories: Mitchell Rabin

In the 5th webisode of SyncStories, Mitchell Rabin gives us a wonderful explanation of synchronicity etymology, and shares his earliest memories of being in sync with nature. Subscribe to the youtube channel and get updates about new webisodes.

Mitchell Rabin via abetterworld.tv brings you shows, writings, products & events aimed at better living and consciousness. A Better World is committed to holistic, creative, compassionate media for the mind, spirit and body.